About Us

Tuckerman Brewing Company was founded in 1998 by owners Kirsten Neves and Nik Stanciu.

In their early 20s, Kirsten was considering law school and Nik had been working as a scientist. They wanted a lifestyle change so they relocated to the Mount Washington Valley and took jobs at local ski resorts. They quickly fell in love with everything the White Mountains offer and decided to set roots and open the brewery.

It all started in a garage on Main Street in Conway Village. As the business grew, a larger location was needed. A few moves were made before settling into the current location at 66 Hobbs St in Conway. This facility houses all of the production and packaging as well as a Tasting Room and Outdoor Beer Garden.

Tuckerman Brewing is most widely known for the first beer they produced: The Tuckerman Pale Ale. Starting out brewing with a traditional approach, the operation has evolved to include some new techniques and styles while never wavering from the importance of detail and precision in well crafted brews. The brewery now offers a wide variety of styles including stouts, brown ales, kolsch, pilsers, and New England Style IPAs. In 2021, the brewing operation expanded to include hard ciders too.

The crew at Tuckerman Brewing are producing about 8,000 barrels of beer a year. That's approximately 70,000 cases. Tuckerman Brewing Co products are available in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Since opening the Tasting Room and Outdoor Beer Garden, the brewery has grown into a place for the community and visitors alike to gather and enjoy the Valley experience. Unwind after a long day of exploring the area or meet up with friends and family on the weekend to listen to live music.

Tuckerman Brewing has thrived with local support and actively gives back to the Mount Washington Valley. The brewery venue often hosts community events. Tuckerman Brewing also supports organizations like the Mount Washington Avalanche Center and Mount Washington Weather Observatory which are integral to preserving local history and maintaining the quality of life in the Valley.

A visit to the White Mountains region of NH is synonymous with the name Tuckerman. Enjoy a trip to the infamous Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington or sit back and enjoy a Tuckerman beer while swapping adventure stories with friends.

To this day, Kirsten and Nik and the staff at Tuckerman Brewing are fueled by a passion for quality beer and the desire to live the White Mountain lifestyle to its fullest; taking advantage of, but never taking for granted, the spectacular area we call home. Tuckerman Brewing Co is now one of the longest-running owner-operated breweries in the state.

Thank You & Cheers!
The Tuckerman Brew Crew