Headwall Alt

Bottle-Conditioned German Style Brown Ale introduced in 2005

ABV 4.6% and IBU 28. A German brown ale brewed in the "alt" or "old" traditional style yielding a clean, crisp, and malty brew. This is traditional style of altbeir from Düsseldorf, Germany. Alt literally means old in German. Staying as true to the recipe as possible, the Headwall Alt is brewed using German malts, plus German and American hops. Like the Pale Ale, the Headwall Alt is cold conditioned, dry-hopped and krausened in the bottle or keg. Similar to the Pale Ale, the process takes about 30 days. The Headwall Alt was rated in the Top 6 brews in New England in the Boston Globe Magazine in 2009. It also made Beer Advocate's list of top altbiers. Headwall Alt is available in ½ barrel kegs, 6-packs, 24 bottle cases and in the mixed 12-packs with the Pale Ale.