Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I store my Tuckerman bottles in the fridge, when I open one it foams over…what's up?

A: You are probably storing the bottles on their side. Because of the bottle conditioning, where we actually put fresh fermenting wort into the bottles and kegs, they need to by stored upright. Nik could give you the scientific reasoning for this, but trust us on this.

Q: My wife and I love to take brewery tours. We'll be visiting Tuckerman Ravine this spring and want to see where our favorite beer is brewed.

A: Awesome, we give facility tours daily. The tasting room is open daily from 12-6pm and we give tours at 2pm and 4pm. There is no charge for the tour. We are family friendly. The Souvenir Shop is open and you can pick up some beer to take with you to Tuckerman Ravine.

Q: We live outside the NH, ME and MA area, but have tried your beers and love them. Can you ship some to us in Rhode Island?

A: Sorry to say that by NH liquor law, we are unable to ship beer to you. So that's a great excuse to make plans to visit soon.

Q: I'm sort of a beer geek. What is the alcohol content of your brews?

A: Again, this would be a question for Nik, Dave or Seth for the chemical info. But I can say that the Tuckerman Pale Ale is 5.3%, the Headwall Alt is 4.5%, the ALTitude...Alt Beer With Attitude is 7.3% and the 6288 Stout is 6.3%. Each batch can vary a bit, but those are the numbers we shoot for.

Q: My buddies and I always look forward to the winter season and the 6288 Stout. We love the brew and the fact that you donate a portion of the proceeds to the Mount Washington Observatory. Any chance we'll see another seasonal brew?

A: Yes! We have a number of new beers coming your way!

Q: Do you sell or fill growlers? For when I feel like having "just one"?

A: We do!

Q: We've had your beer in MA, and are going up north soon. We want to take a tour and hope to grab a bite to eat there too. Are you a brew pub?

A: Tuckerman Brewery is just that, a brewery. We invite you to join us in our expanded Tasting Room. You can try all of our beers and pick up souvenirs too. No penalty if you bring a bag of peanuts with you! Then head off to visit one of the many fine eating establishments in the Mt. Washington Valley area. Almost every one has at least one of our beers on tap!

Q: I'm a member of a ski club in the Valley. Can I pick up a keg or cases of beer at the brewery? I'll be a hero at the club if I show up ready!

A: You sure may get beer to go from us. BUT…by NH liquor law, we are permitted to sell one case or one keg per person per day. So bring the whole club for a tour and you'll be able to leave with plenty of beer!

Q: I'm hearing that some micro brews don't brew their own beer. Tell me it ain't so. Are they kidding me?

A: All of the fine Tuckerman products that we all enjoy are brewed solely at our brewery, and always will be.