Private Events and Parties

If you are looking for a special place to host your event, consider our brewery!

Whether it's a Christmas/Holiday party, a rehearsal dinner, a birthday party or any other special event, our brewery provides a great location to host your event.

$175.00 Per Hour – standard rate fee. If they go over their allotted time they will be charged accordingly. If the group requires us to close the tasting room early, an addition $25 per hour will be added onto their hourly rate fee.

- 50% deposit required within 10 business days subsequent to booking. Otherwise we cannot guarantee their event time or date. Deposits can be paid in house or via check sent to our PO Box.

- 24-hour cancelation notice required to get deposit back.

- If the group is going to be 50+ people we can do discounted flights of four beers.

- If event host plans on paying for flights there will be an automatic 20% gratuity added to their bill.

- If individuals are paying for their flights we will accept cash and credit card tips.

- If it's a "tour bus" scenario where people pay for their flights in a package deal ahead of time through their tour company, make sure you tell the coordinator that the gratuity is NOT included in the $5.00 discounted flight. They may charge their customers $6.00 per flight to ensure that their customers are paying for the gratuity.

- If the group would like to come in during normal business hours we do not require the hourly rate fee. The group gratuity fees do still apply if the group is 50+ people.

- Customers may provide their own food and soft drinks, but no outside alcohol.

- For large private tours outside the normal tour times their will be a $5 per person fee. (Often times in these situations people are not buying beer after the tour) We can do a package flight of four and tour fee of $10 for large groups. 20% gratuity will be added if prepaid.

Contact us at 603-447-5400 or for additional information.